Friday, June 12, 2009


Today was totally shot, after watching football the night before and not getting to bed till around one, I was completely knackered and everyone knows when you’re tired you tend to eat more. I ate a family size bag of crisps for breakfast, I did eat them slow but does it count? Family size...for breakfast. And I weighed myself again. God, why can’t I keep away from the scales? When I lived in the UK I had a obsession with the scales, I would weigh myself everyday, having done it a couple of times in Dubai I know I vary by 2-4kg a day (I’ve also gone metric since I moved to Dubai). Two Kg is about 4.4 lbs, I wake up in the morning, weigh and by the end of the day I’ve put on 4.4lbs. I’ve been told I move around a lot in my sleep (as well as sleep-talking in a cockney accent), so maybe I burn those pounds off in my sleep. Yep, I’m dreaming again.
So back to the day. I’d already pre-approved a Nando’s yesterday but when it came I wasn’t hungry, obviously since I’d scarfed down a family size packet of crisps. I ate my Chicken Pita and left my rice till later. I ate it at 4pm, again another turn in events because before I would’ve forced it all down usually. Dinner was chicken nuggets and chips with gravy it was beautiful but tiredness kicked in again so we ordered a pizza later. Total greedy twats, i don’t even think we were hungry but certainly just wanted to taste the pizza, again Paul is not working hard enough, this shouldn’t happen. I never used to eat all this shit before but I’ve trying to save money and healthy food is so expensive. Actually I’ve lost my way with healthy eating and the gym, I really need some motivation. This weekend I’ll be rushing my way through the tapping techniques to get to the motivating gym talk. I listened to Paul’s CD that night and in it he says when you ‘wake-up’ you won’t remember anything I’ve said and it’s true. I couldn’t remember a thing. It’s the weekend tomorrow though so I’m going to make an effort and get my lazy arse to the gym or at least the pool.

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