Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I come round in the morning as any other normal, what’s going on here? Where’s my pound loss, Where’s my new confidence, and where’s the slimmer me!! So it is day 3, maybe I should start to understand this isn’t going to happen over-night. It’s going to take a lot of hard work. Off I trot to work, water in hand ready for another day of slow eating and hunger scales. I bought some crunchy nut cornflakes last night though and I’ve been craving them all night. Damn, I need to get through this book quicker - There’s a chapter in the book that gives you some tapping techniques to get over cravings, I am totally convinced this won’t work especially when I crave chocolate, because when I crave chocolate it takes over right up until the point my mouth actually waters a little thinking about biting into that milky, gooey chocolate Twix Stick..Hang on – is this me craving? Anyway since I haven’t got to that chapter I’m none the wiser. I come in and manage to wait half an hour before I start on the crunchy nut cornflakes. I bite into the first mouthful, chewing slowly and consciously like my life depended on the taste of this bite. It happens for another 4 then I shovel the rest of my bowl in. Eating slowly is going to be such a chore for me. I could do with a small parrot on my shoulder that repeatedly tells me to eat slower. After the cornflakes that’s it, no mid morning snack – I think this could be because I’m busy but hey ho it all counts. Dinner is a Curry Pot Noodle – not healthy but Paul has said I can eat what we want. I’m eating and drinking water at the same time then my colleague tells me to slow down...haha, jesus I didn’t even realise I was eating that fast – things are more serious than they seem. Anyway Lunch over with and I left some pot noodle in the bottom and I was still full. It’s now 3pm and not only am I not hungry but Curry Flavoured Pot Noodle hands reek of it, I have no legitimate suggestion why the hell my hands stick of curry when I used a fork. Ergh in-fact it’s making me feel a little sick.
I had a bit of a diversion from Paul that night, my friend asked me to Wagamamma’s...oops! To be honest though I wasn’t really that hungry – I didn’t listen to the book though and forced down some Chicken Chilli and Edame Beans – I love both and I left some of both on the plate...impressive but really I wasn’t that hungry. I was wondering if this is all physiological mumbo jumbo that was making me eat less was actually causing my stomach to shrink too! This happens, I did it before. On the starvation diet as I call it which means you eat 1200 Cal’s a day your stomach shrinks a hell of a lot but like any other successful diet I’ve been on the Chinese and Indiana call me back and having a Chinese without a starter, is like having £1000 and spending it on debts instead of a Chanel bag..Well it is for me anyway. I didn’t have any time for Paul that night, England was playing and I promised my beloved I would go and watch it with him. I read a little of the book and there’s a quote for the lovely Glenda who writes ‘since I started the programme I haven’t eaten a bar of chocolate since’ the woman who writes this used to eat 6 bars a day WTF!!!??!?! No chocolate, my relationship with this book is dwindling – imagine a life without chocolate! Scary!

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