Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weeks Later

So, updated blog. I haven’t written for a couple of weeks. Honestly I haven’t been listening to Dr Paul or reading his book. I did myself a mischief and started reading Twilight so I am now fully engrossed in that. Plus I don’t really seem to have had much time for Paul. Eek! I need to start again. I did weight myself though and I’ve lost 4lbs. I call these phantom pounds though, like a phantom pregnancy. They appear and a couple of days later there gone. I’m one of the weirdest people with weight, I can actually gain 4lbs a day. So usually I don’t count anything less than 5lbs as weight loss. I’d totally lost my Dr Paul mojo. I’m defiantly going to at least start listening to the CD again. I did however conquer the gym this weekend. Twice in two days and I actually enjoyed it. So I’m going again tonight, providing I don’t talk myself out of it on the way home. I have a tendency to do this. A little voice in my head telling me all the good reasons for not going to the gym i.e. I can put my clothes away that have been stacked on my drawers for 2 months, I can get all my washing from the weekend done, I’ll have my tea wait a hour and then go swim…etc etc etc. You get the picture. Non of this actually happens and I end up napping for an hour then dragging myself off to bed at 10pm. Before Christmas I have a very set routine, gym at 5.30pm, swim at 7pm, shower, dinner, then bed by 10.30pm latest. It sounds very old and sad, but I was quite happy in my routine. If someone asked me to go out through the week, I would spend all day re-organising my evening so I could at least fit an hour in at the gym. The gym doesn’t bother me like it used to though. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing though, I’m still trying to work it out.
So all in all a pretty uneventful two weeks, I ate chocolate, McDonalds and lots of carbs. I didn’t eat slowly or consciously think about every mouthful, but even with this I haven’t put any weight on. I’m now starting to think if this is me, if this is my ideal weight that’s why I’m not losing any or putting any on…that lasted all of 5 seconds when I looked at my arse in the mirror, god damn fat stupid piece of meat hanging to my back!!
So this week will involve lots of gyming, swimming and eating slowly. Fingers crossed for the next weigh in.

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